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Winesday March 18 – Kim Crawford and Meiomi

Winesday March 18, 2020

This week for our Winesday specials we are featuring the wines of Kim Crawford and Meiomi. These wines continue to deliver outstanding flavor and value even at full price, so this is a special you don’t want to miss. 

Kim Crawford wines come from vineyards in New Zealand. The wide range of climate and soil types gives rise to a distinct local flavors and characteristics. The majority of the vineyards are along the coast providing long sunny days, gentle breezes and crisp nights. Kind of makes me want to be a grape!  The Chardonnay and Rose come from Hawke’s Bay, the oldest wine region in New Zealand dating back to 1851. It has a climate similar to Bordeux and produces and exceedingly well balanced wine. 

Meiomi wines come from some of California’s most well known wine country. The Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Rose are blends of grapes from Monterrey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma. The 2019 Chardonnay received 91 points from the Tasting Panel. It features flavors of pineapple, lemon, honey and almond with a clean mineral finish. The 2019 Rose was awarded 91 points from Blue Lifestyles. It is a dry Rose with notes of strawberries, grapefruits and watermelon. In 2018 the Pinot Noir received 92 points from the Tasting Panel and is bursting with jammy, vanilla, oaky notes. 

This week we are offering $2.00 off each bottle of these distinctive wines. They are perfect for the warmer weather that has come our way. We hope you will enjoy sitting on your porch enjoying a glass. 

Kim Crawford Savignon Blanc_______$16.99___________Winesday$14.99

Kim Crawford Chardonnay__________$18.99__________Winesday$16.99

Kim Crawford Rose_______________$19.99__________Winesday$17.99_

Meiomi Chardonnay______________$16.99___________Winesday$14.99

Meiomi Pinot Noir________________$18.99__________Winesday$16.99

Meiomi Rose____________________$22.99__________Winesday$20.99 

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