Cuban Sandwich

We Take our Pork Seriously

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
We slow roast our pork tenderloin in our special sauce to give our Cuban sandwiches an unbeatable taste.

At Swann Avenue Market and Deli, we are serious about food. We work diligently to provide the best quality product available. Our pork is a prime example. It is not a one size fits all operation. Smoked in house, low and slow for hours, our pork butts are tender, juicy and full of flavor. This is one of the things that makes our Gambler sandwich a customer favorite.  Pork is a star ingredient in our Cuban sandwich as well. Sharing the stage with the La Segunda bread delivered fresh daily, our pork tenderloin delivers a flavor punch second to none. We roast our pork tenderloin in house using our special recipe. Our Cuban is definitely an original. If a sandwich isn’t what your taste buds are calling for, try a serving of pork on top of our house salad. The sweet carrots and craisins coupled with the smoky pork will make your mouth water if it isn’t already. Want to start your day off with decadent comfort food. Try our Breakfast Bowl with pulled pork as a substitute for the meat. That’s right, just go off the menu for your specialty! Your taste buds will be saying thank you ALL day. We take our pork seriously at Swann Avenue Market and Deli.

Swann Avenue Market and Deli, we put the deli in delicious. 

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