Save $ by ordering direct

Order Direct – Save Over 33%

Save $ by ordering direct
Third party apps charge a premium. Order direct and save 33%

Order Direct- Save Over 33% 

Time is money. You are busy and your lunch hour is short. You are hungry so you pull up your favorite third party delivery app and order our delicious Gambler Sandwich, chips and a drink. Did you know that you could have saved $6.74 by ordering directly from us at That amounts to over 33% and it didn’t take you any longer to place your order. 

Want to check our math? 

Swann Avenue Delivery: Gambler Combo* $12.40

                                        Tax $1.05

                                         Delivery $3.00

                                        Total $13.45

  • Combo includes a sandwich, chips or side and a drink valued at $2 or        


Third Party Delivery App: Gambler Sandwich $9.90 

                                         Bottled Water $1.29 

                                         Chips $1.49

                                         Service Fee  $1.90

                                         Delivery Fee $0.99

                                         Tip $2.49

                                         Tax $1.08

                                         Total $19.14

Savings $19.14 – $13.45 = $6.74

That is half of tomorrow’s lunch if you order from us. Go directly to the source and save! 

Swann Avenue Deli – We put the deli in delicious and keep some money in your pocket!


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