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5 Generations of Experience


As a family business, we love to support other family businesses. It is even better when those businesses have a long history of success and wonderful stories to tell. This week’s Winesday features the Scotto family who moved to central California from Brooklyn 5 generations ago. Their wines are consistently ranked in the high 80’s to the 90’s by Wine Enthusiast and have numerous medals to display, yet they are remarkably affordable. I can personally attest that the Chardonnay has a rich vanilla butter taste with hints of melon to round out the finish. The Steele Canyon Verdelho is an incredibly complex light white wine perfect for our 80 degree winter days. My husband loves the A&D Pinot Noir and is eager to try the 50 Harvests Meritage produced as an homage to their 50th harvest in California. There is a wide variety to choose from this week. We hope you will enjoy the fruits of the Scotto families’ labors.  

Steele Canyon Verdelho_____Reg $12.99_____Winesday $10.99

Nola Grace Savignon Blanc or Rose and Scotto Family Chardonnay and Cabernet_______________Reg $13.99 ____Winesday $11.99

A+D Pinot Noir______________Reg $17.99____Winesday $15.99

50 Harvests Meritage________Reg $49.99____Winesday $45.99

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