Frank Family Chardonnay

Winesday Specials – It’s a Family Affair!


Frank Family Chardonnay
Our family’s favorite. We hope it is your’s too.

Holidays bring families together. This week we are featuring some of our families favorites. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Frank Family Cabernet______Regular Price__$54.99____Winesday Price__$49.99

Frank Family Chardonnay____Regular Price__$34.99____Winesday Price__$29.99

Caymus_________________Regular Price__$85.99____Winesday Price__$79.99

Red Schooner Voyage 6______Regular Price__$56.99____Winesday Price__$49.99

Even before  we bought the deli and wine shop, my husband and I were big fans of the Frank Family wines. We may have been a little persistent getting Drew to bring them into the store but our motives were not entirely selfish. Frank Family Cabernet is one of John’s favorite wines. It is a smooth blend of black cherry and cocoa with a bright balanced finish. I love the Frank Family Chardonnay. It is a full bodied Chardonnay. Rich and creamy with flavors of toasted brioche (you know we love our brioche at Swann Ave Deli) and baking spices blended with lemon curd and melon with just a touch of oak. This wine really delivers in flavor! 

We also featuring Caymus and Red Schooner Voyage 6. Both wines come to you from the Wagner family. The Red Schooner wines are tantamount to Caymus cousins. Caymus cabernet achieves its full, rich flavor by using an extended “hang time.” The grapes are left on the vines as long as possible producing a deep color and smooth tannins. This same technique is used with the Red Schooner wines. You may notice that the Red Schooner wines don’t have a vintage, rather they are known by a voyage number. This is because the process by which the wine is made falls outside standard labeling rules. The grapes for this outstanding Malbec come from Argentina and the wine is produced using Caymus techniques in Napa. This is truly a wine of the world.   

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