Coffee Cup

Is That Coffee I Smell???

Coffee Cup
Specialty Coffee Now at Swann Avenue Deli

Is That Coffee I Smell???

Here at Swann Avenue Deli we are not only open during the week but on Saturday and Sunday too from 8 – 7 to put the deli in delicious and help get your day off to the best possible start. Welcome to our new coffee menu: 

Brewed_________________________French Press __________________

Regular $2__________________________Regular $3_______________________

Large $3__________________________________________________________

Espresso___________________________Cafè Latte______________________

Solo$1.25___________________________Regular $3_______________________


Cafe con Leche______________________Cappucino______________________

Pequeno$3__________________________Regular $3.50_____________________


_________________________Extra Shot $1_____________________________

_________________________Flavor Shot .50____________________________

_________________________Almond Milk .50___________________________


Like everything else we do at Swann Avenue Market and Deli, we focused on using the best coffee possible when we decided to offer an extended coffee service. We searched long and hard for a truly quality coffee. We decided on Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. In addition to being organic it is also Fair Trade Certified and Kosher. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee but like wines from the United States, the wines from different growing regions are incredibly different. Yirgacheffe is from the Sidamo regions. The coffees have a surprisingly floral and tangerine note. Upon grinding you get a toasted coconut aroma with a hint of sweet caramel. When you think of a Yergacheffe coffee, think of a lush red wine that had been aged to perfection. You will be astounded by the quality and depth of flavor. 

Come in and try these special beans in whatever form you prefer. We are confident that you will find them as unique as we do. While you’re there, maybe have an order of French Toast with your Latte or a Cuban Breakfast Sandwich with your Cafe con Leche. Swann Avenue Deli, helping your start each day deliciously!

Open Sunday 8am – 7pm.

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