Build Your Own Six Pack

Build Your Own Six Pack

Build Your Own Six Pack
You choose the variety to please your guests or yourself.


Build Your Own Six-Pack, Better Beer Buying

One of our family’s favorite activities is to go out for ice cream. Everyone has their favorite, so buying ice cream for the house is a challenge. It is hard to please everyone. We brought the concept of the ice cream parlor to our beer cooler. Everyone can choose their own when you build  your own six-pack. 

At Swann Avenue Market and Deli, we have an unparalleled selection of craft beer, ciders and hard seltzers. We know that buying a six pack of a new beer is a risk. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe it won’t be quite your cup of tea or mug of suds. That along with trying to please all the beer drinkers in your house can make committing to a six pack of one brand a stressful decision. Whose refrigerator is big enough to hold a six pack each of 5 or 6 different types of beer?  We take the stress out of buying beer. Let each person choose their own brand or you choose a wide variety yourself. Try that new beer that has caught your attention (Newground Chai Latte comes to mind) without risk. 

Whether you need a six pack or more, buying a mixed 6 pack is a substantial savings over trying a six pack of each. Take our most recent variety pack as an example. We bought : 

_____________________________Six Pack________Single______________________

Dogfish 120                                                       $41.99                         $13.29

Parish Ghost in the Machine                         $16.59                         $5.25

Cigar City Margarita Gose                              $11.21                          $2.67

St Bernardus ABT 12                                       $20.99                        $6.64

New Belgium Honey Orange Triple             $14.88                        $3.54

Newground Chai Latte                                    $15.45                        $4.89

Total Cost                                                           $121.11                    $25.40

So go ahead and impress your friends with the range of your beer inventory! Whether you are tailgating or watching at home, come on in before the next game and pick up a varieties of beers to try. Your guests will be impressed. While you’re at it, why not add a sandwich tray or some pulled pork? You’ll have the tastiest game day in town with none of the work! Swann Avenue Deli. We put the Deli in Delicious.

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