Swann Ave. Market now fills Growlers !

0.5-Gallon-Amber-Jug-Growler-thJust in this week: Swann Ave. Market now fills Growlers with a rotating cast of rare craft beers. This is a great way to get a variety of fresh from the keg rare and high end craft beers for take home, and Swann Ave. will be making sure that we have an interesting rotating cast of characters on our tap handles.

This week:  Sam Adams India Pale Lager

Boston Beer Co. Samuel Adams Double Agent India Pale Lager is a uniquely balanced brew with lots of fruity, floral hop flavors and sweet amber maltiness. A pale orange-beige pour with light effervescence and a nose full of fruit bread and apple blossoms, it is creamy in flavor and effect on the tongue but finishes surprisingly dry and clean. This beer has a complex bouquet of American hops delivering a tart bite that builds throughout the pint, an assertive mouth feel and a clean finish.

Beer: Boston Beer Co. Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL

Price: $8.99 for a six-pack of bottles (also available as part of the Hop-ology sampler six-pack for the same price)

• Availability: Kroger, Giant Eagle, Barrel & Bottle, the Andersons

Aroma: wheat bread, candied fruit, apples, fruit blossoms

Flavor: creamy and fruity, early bitter balance, apricots and red apples, caramel malt

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